A Red Straw (6_6)

Straws are straws that work for The Foods. They come in different colors, which have different personalities.


Straws earn their place by firing Projectiles, such as Blueberries. They sometimes trade KICs with Knives in exchange for cutting large projectiles to size.


Straws come in different colors, which have different personalities, attacks, advantages, and weaknesses.


The Rainbow Straws are invincible. They can shoot entire Bananas and shoot ten Projectiles every second. They are deadly accurate and never, ever miss. There are only three of them in the entire Kitchen.


Green Straws are the second most powerful. They are harder to crush or cut. They are also extremely accurate. However, they are the least common straw color.


Orange Straws are rare, easy to defeat, and unaccurate, but can fire many Projectiles at a time.


Blue Straws are the most strategic. They are slightly bigger than the other Straws and often spit Water or Ice.


Yellow Straws are the most shock-resistant. Even though they are hard to defeat, they have lousy aim, but can shoot much more Projectiles to make up for it.


Reds are the most common, however their attacks are their disadvantage. Juice from Projectiles builds up within the walling and clogs them. They, however, have a great aim and almost never miss.


Striped Straws are somewhat rare, but have the attributes of the colors of Straws they have.