A Smoothie is a combination of blended foods that survived the Blender. Smoothies can jam the systems of Appliances by tricking them into "eating" them and then taking them out from the inside, probably because the Smoothie ruins the mechanism. Smoothies also have all of the properties of the fruits inside.

Food Properties In SmoothiesEdit

Food Properties
Limes Can spit acidic juice.
Lemons See Limes.
Sugar Cubes When dead, it leaves behind Sugar.
Doughnut Can shoot sprinkles.
Doughnut Holes When dead, it explodes.
Orange Can spit seeds.
Apple See Doughnut Holes.
Pear Can spit juice.
Blueberries See Pear.
Nachos Can shoot crumbs and cheese mush.
Ice Can shoot ice chips.
Chocolate Can spit melted chocolate.
Habenero Chili Smokes and burns.
Watermelon Slices Can spit explosive juice.
Spinach Immune to freezing and heating.
Gooseberry Can spit feathers.
Banana Can shoot banana slices.
Jelly Can shoot jelly blobs.
Cookie Can spit chocolate chips.
Water Can electrocute and is immune to electricity.